• Digital Transformation

    To become the leading Technology Systems Integration and Digital Transformation platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
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    Smart Solution Technology brand named SST. Systems Integration and digital transformation solutions provider offers fully integrated solutions and services ...

Company Overview

SST is a one-stop shop for organizations seeking turnkey solutions and best practices in Automation systems and electrical power. We are proud to be one of the largest Systems Integrators and the local partner of Etap, the designer and developer of Etap software. Smart Solution Technology Company helps oil and gas producers improve their production efficiency by optimizing their operations. We do this by using a variety of techniques

Leading edge technology
Intense customer and partnership focus
Properly governed system and methodology
Our Services
  • Outsourcing

    Real-time integration services

    We provide turnkey solutions to interface data acquisition systems and metering equipment to real-time applications. Examples of services offered in the field of real-time integration.

    • Conceptual Design
    • Load Growth Studies
    • Motor Acceleration studies
    • Transient & dynamic Stability Analysis
    • Harmonic Analysis & Filter Design
    • Emergency Backup Power Design
    • Generator start-up Analysis
    • Distributed Generation

    We use etap grid distribution the integrated power system simulator, planning protection, and real-time distribution management system software for visualizing managing optimizing, and automating distribution networks from state-wide to city-wide power distribution networks

  • Consulting

    Data Exchange & Conversion

    We offer conversion tools from legacy power system analysis software in addition we offer data import/export capabilities to other third-party platforms and provide bi-directional data exchange interfaces to complementary products.

    Power Managment System- PMS

    Transmission Energy Managment System -EMS

    Distribution Managment System- D/ADMS

    Intelligent substation Automation

    Scada &Monitering- eSCDA

    Generation Managment System- GMS

    Microgrid Master Controller

    Intelligent load shedding ILS

    Fully integrated solution by our partner etap for the real-time intelligent power management system to monitor, control, simulate, and optimize the operation of the power system

  • Technology


    Training and workshops include a wide range of power system analysis on-site training online webinars and customized sessions Workshops provide users the opportunity to have hands-on learning and experience how they can achieve optimal results from the products Certified etap instructions include experts in every field of power system analysis from system maintenance to transient stability and control

    Arc Flash Analysis

    Protective earthing

    Switching Managment

    Electric shock protection

    Groud Grid System

    System grounding and earthing

    Comprehensive and integrated solutions to help evaluate, analyze, and assess the safety and grounding of AC and DC electrical systems. Generate arc flash labels to create a switching sequence management plan or evaluate the most efficient configuration for the ground grid system.

  • Energy


    SST has conducted numerous studies around the globe on new and existing electrical systems to enable our clients to build or expand their electrical systems. These studies have resulted in helping our clients achieve improved efficiency, reliability, and safety in operation.

    Modeling and visualization

    Electrical safety & Grounding

    Integrated Mission critical solutions

    Real-time solution




    An integrated and interactive platform for design, simulation operation, control, optimization, and automation of generation transmission distribution and microgrid power systems

  • Training

    Main areas

    We aim to help Optimize the institutional utilization of Technology for the betterment of our communities.


    Oil & GAS 








    Key Client & Partner

    One of our main priorities is to build a network of very distinguished partners. It is partnering with big international and regional partners with different product portfolio that empowers us to provide the best-customized offerings that fit our customers' varied requirements, and we are proud that SST is the representative and local partner of etap the leading company for the power system


Digital Transformation

To become the leading Technology Systems Integration and Digital Transformation platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

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10 Janvier 2024

Sub Synchronous Resonance Analysis

AC&DC Transmission Analysis, Insulation coordination & swiching transient, emergency backaup power design, Protective system coordination ...

10 Janvier 2024

Fast Bus Transfer Analysis

Feasibility Studies, Load Forecasting, Load Shedding Analysis, User Defined Dynamic Model, Protection System System Coordination, AC & DC Transmission Analysis ...

10 Janvier 2024

Integration strategy

We use an etap microgrid used by the developers and engineers for the detailed analyses and sizing of distributed energy resources and associated equipment. The microgrid master controller brings the design to life by connecting the system model with real-time data.

10 Janvier 2024

Distrubuted Generation

Our transmission solution provides an intelligent Network topology builder integrated with ETAP’s base network analysis modules such as transmission line model, SVC Model, HVDC link, load flow fault analysis capacitor placement, dynamic stability reliability assessment distance protection substation ...